Mels cbd oils

Nature’s magic
in a bottle.

MELS 100% organic and
full spectrum CBD oils
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Nature’s magic in a bottle.

MELS 100% organic and full spectrum CBD oils


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mels organic cbd oil of the highest quality

A collaboration with nature

Our lovingly tended crop of fully mature hemp plants is harvested once a year to permit the entire depth and complexity of the beneficial medicinal compounds to fully develop.

We employ the same ancient principles used by traditional herbalists down through the centuries and pick the hemp plants the three days immediately before and during a full moon.

It is a principle of our founding philosophy to preserve and retain nothing but the natural goodness inherent in this amazing plant itself.

MELS continues what our ancestors have practiced for thousands of years – using hemp as medicine. Now in the form of magical CBD drops.

This is how our CBD oilS are made

From seed to oil

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CBD and cancer
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CBD and cancer

Research shows that cannabis has anti-cancer effects, particularly CBD (Cannabidiol). Human trials are lacking, but animal trials show tremendous promise.  CBD works its anti-cancer effects by triggering cancer cell death through autophagy and apoptosis, preventing those cells from dividing and spreading, and…

CBD | Health issues


Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder worldwide, according to World Health Organization (WHO). Anti-anxiety medication such as Valium, Zolok, Xanax and Prozac (SSRIs) may give short-term relief but are very addictive, have numerous harmful side effects, and don’t work…