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5 Good Reasons to try MELS CBD in 2023

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MELS CBD can make it easier to fall asleep, give you better sleep and put you in a natural circadian rhythm.

The number of thoughts that occur when the head hits the pillow can make it difficult to fall asleep in a world where we are constantly bombarded by new impressions (TV, social media, posters and speakers). The brain may also have problems “switching off” when it finally gets a break. CBD can help by regulating neurotransmitters that dampen the flow of thoughts and provide inner peace.

According to recent research, CBD may be an effective treatment for people suffering from insomnia and abnormal circadian rhythms. A study of rats showed that CBD increased the amount of sleep at night, and there was also a clear difference between the rat groups when it came to energy levels. Rats that received CBD fell less asleep during daytime, which resulted in better night’s sleep and a normal circadian rhythm.


CBD can get you more in mental balance and stimulate your mood in a positive direction. Researchers believe it is because CBD acts on the brain’s receptors for Serotonin and Dopamine, both of which are neurotransmitters in the brain that give us a sense of well-being and self-confidence.

No one can completely avoid stressful events, but if you feel stressed by even the little things, such as the bus being delayed or the food being burned, a few drops of MELS CBD oil can help you have a more harmonious emotional response. 


CBD has a neuroprotective effect, i.e., protects the brain cells from damage. CBD also acts as an antioxidant – a natural substance that inhibits oxidation, a chemical reaction that produces free radicals that damage cells and eventually leads to disease. In a study published in 1998, CBD was found to be a more powerful antioxidant than both the vitamins C and E.

These findings suggest that CBD may be therapeutically beneficial for traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, spinal cord diseases and strokes. CBD’s neuroprotective properties are also potentially beneficial in preventing and limiting the development of neurological disorders, such as ALS, epilepsy, MS, Alzheim’s and Parkinson’s disease.


Acne is something that many people bother with, and it has multifactorial causes. A study showed that CBD can inhibit the growth of sebum-producing cells and also the production of sebum. Researchers from another study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation also noted anti-inflammatory effect of CBD on acne.

Both of these effects can contribute to less pimples, something MELS have received feedback on.  Reduced consumption of refined carbohydrates and trans fats, as well as stress management, are also important strategies for avoiding acne.


Many people suffer from paralyzing anxiety attacks every day, often completely out of the blue. It can be expressed as fear or restlessness, which can present challenges at school, at work and in everyday life. It often develops in adolescence or early 20s, and there are about as many men as women who develop anxiety and obsessions. In general, but especially for children, it is important to get treatment quickly to ensure natural development and avoid ADHD or behavioral disorders.

Researchers have discovered that CBD has the same properties as antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, but without any of the adverse side effects that usually follow.

CBD is easy to take as a daily dietary supplement, but research suggests that even small amounts of CBD are effective in reducing the anxiety that they drive a person’s obsessions and compulsions. Studies have shown that CBD can induce a calmer state of mind.

Starting the day with few drops of CBD and experience a feeling of well-being and clarity to cope with a busy everyday life


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