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Full spectrum 20% CBD oil with organic MCT produced from organically grown hemp in Europe, CO2 extracted.

1 drop contains 10mg CBD

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Turbocharge your CBD experience with MELS utterly unique and unparalleled FIVE STRAIN CBD Oil

Developed with our research chemists, Mels FIVE STRAIN 20% CBD has been crafted from FIVE unique cannabis strains. This delivers FIVE times the complexity and medicinal substances than other CBD oils, resulting in a powerful and effective oil, to help relieve pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and revitalize your body with energy and strength.

Organically grown and extracted from fully matured plants in the South of France, this one-of-a-kind CBD oil contains a full range of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDa, CBG & CBC), as well as being packed with other health enhancing phytonutrients, such as flavonoids and terpenes. Truly exceptional, original and absolutely unprecedented!

Organic, free of GMO, pesticides and toxic chemicals.
Third-party lab tested for purity, potency and effect.
CO2 extracted, preserving all the properties.


2000mg CBD/CBDA/CBC/CBG full spectrum cannabinoids

Organic hemp extract 4g

MCT 6g

THC < 0.2% (trace elements)

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Mels FIVE STRAIN 20% CBD oil has been scientifically created from 5 different species of cannabis plants, to produce a highly potent, effective and pure CBD oil for men, women, adults and teens. The cannabis plants each have their own unique properties to give our oils a synergistic and multidimensional effect (Entourage Effect *).

Customers have reported our CBD works well for joints, muscle, back and neck pain, inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, stress, insomnia, tremors, digestion, sleep, neurological problems, acne and many more issues.

Mels FIVE STRAIN is an Organic RAW oil, which are the most natural hemp oils that contain CBD (cannabidiol) and CBDa, (cannabidiolic acid). It is extracted using super critical carbon dioxide extraction (CO2), mixed with MCT oil for better absorption and contains natural waxes, terpenes and flavonoids.

The extract does not undergo any dewaxing or heating process and as well as CBD and CBDa, it has an exceptionally high level of CBG and CBC. The natural CO2 extraction process removes most of the chlorophyll, resulting in an amber colour, thick oil and and natural aftertaste of hemp.

It is produced from crops harvested in accordance with traditional herbalist practices on a certified organic farm and has been scientifically developed with our research chemist and farmers to deliver a powerful, effective oil to help improve your health, your energy, and help you cope with the physical stress of everyday life.

Mels CBD Oils are derived from only the best quality flowers harvested from up to five different strains of the Cannabis plant. Each strain has been carefully developed by our talented cultivators for its own unique properties. Farmed outdoors, in natural light, our plants are grown and nurtured sustainably without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers at our secluded farm nestling in the beautiful French countryside. It is a principle of our founding philosophy to protect the environment and retain nothing but the natural goodness inherent in the plant itself – NO ADDITIVES, NO CHEMICALS!

We monitor the quality of the products with the help of the High Performance Liquid Chromatography, the HPLC method. We analyse the presence of cannabinoids, heavy metals, pesticides and aflatoxin.

Our lovingly tended crop of fully mature plants is harvested only once a year to permit the entire depth and complexity of beneficial medicinal compounds to develop completely. We employ the same ancient principles used by traditional herbalists down through the centuries and pick our plants for the three days immediately before and during a full moon. This way, we capture the maximum array of the life-enhancing elements of this amazing plant.

We are committed to the concept of continuous improvement and we constantly review and upgrade our processes, practices and plant selection to ensure that nothing but the finest organic, sustainably-produced CBD oil leaves our premises.

Our plants spend longer in the sun, our oils take longer to produce and the fruits of our labour spend many more hours in research & development than would be required to produce a range of standard-grade CBD oil.

The production of Mels CBD oils cannot be rushed. They are never standard-grade and are well worth every ounce of extra effort, love and attention we lavish upon them.

Other information

Organic, free of GMO, pesticides and toxic chemicals.
Third-party lab tested for purity, potency and effect.
CO2 extracted, preserving all the properties.

Characteristics: Naturally thick with an amber colour and a light pleasant aftertaste.

Enjoyed by vegans.

Storage: Below 25 degrees Celsius. Avoid direct sunlight.


CBD cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. To maintain proper health, you should follow a varied diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Do not use in children under 12 years of age, in pregnant women and nursing mothers. CBD should not be used simultaneously with antidepressants [SSRIs, SNRIs, MAO inhibitors], antiviral drugs in the case of HIV/AIDS infection or used as part of therapy after organ transplantation.

17 reviews for FIVE STRAIN CBD OIL 20%

  1. Sean

    Sleeps better and longer at night. Have 20% bottles until November – thankfully.

  2. Voorhees Family

    The whole family use it! Both my husband and kids are now regular users of MELS CBD. Different complains – different effect. I use it for sleep, my husband for pains and my daughters for anxiety. It has done us all so much good. Love and appreciate you. 

  3. Molly

    As I wrote on Facebook, we see a clear improvement in the youngest with stomach challenges. The oldest ones have been taking CBD for a while and we really only see that the good progress continues.

  4. Lisa

    The customer service is excellent, and the product has reduced my pain and migraine attacks. A big THANK YOU to MELS!

  5. Olivia

    I love your Brand, your story and your product is EXCEPTIONAL! Thanks for changing my life. Truly my life is different with Mels. You guys are the NIKE of CBD.

  6. Anni

    I’m so grateful to MELS. I have used the oil sublingually as told and I can say with confidence that I cope with anxiety and migraines much better now. This product works so well. I recommended it to my mother and now she takes it too. Thanks for the quick service.

  7. Sam

    You cant beat a premium quality full-spec CBD oil. I know, Ive tried them all (the good ones). This is by far the best and works quicker. I recommend this oil and thats all I have to say.

  8. Ellen

    There is no doubt that I have only positive experiences with using your CBD Oil. First and foremost, changed sleep pattern and sleep quality – for 30 years I have fallen asleep loooong after my husband …. I think you do a fantastic job and I have full confidence in you – and we users must convey factual and correct info to our GPs, neurologists, etc.

  9. Jillian

    The package of CBD oil arrived today. Now I’m happy 🙂 You’ve saved my life! You have no idea

  10. Earl

    The journey has been long (3 years) and intense, but when I came across cbd oil from Mels, I traveled far to get to my cancer-sick dad. He has bone marrow cancer and amyloidosis of the worst kind. The body is stiff and the pain is quite tiring. He is a sailor with a big M. Never been sick before or taken medication. Strong nice man. So when we started with the oils, he noticed a marked change in movement and better sleep after a short time. After a short time he could walk on his own. Amazing! We tried several other types but fall back on flour as it works best on the ailments he struggles with. Thank you for making natural oils.

  11. Jared

    I just have to brag about the oil! I sleep very well at night and am calmer during the day (take 8 drops per day). I have ADHD and do not want to go on Ritalin (Have done it before, but I do not like myself and my feelings are “flattened”). So the oil works 😊. Thank you!

  12. Keith Wilson

    I had a heart attack earlier this year and need to keep my cholesterol and bp low. I took statins but suffered with terrible muscle pain and had to stop. I’ve been using this for a month and my cholesterol is very low, my bp is controlled, I have a lot more energy, sleep well and my anxiety attacks have stopped. I’m very impressed and happy.

  13. Hailey Diego

    Five strain is deliciously smooth and most important – it works. The mobility of my knees and elbows have never been better.

  14. Ron Tichmarsh

    I am recovering from cancer and chemo. I’ve had no energy or appetite and have felt terrible. This oil has helped increase my appetite, given me more energy and I feel as if its helping my body heal. I will continue to take this supreme product to stay well.

  15. Ryan

    In my opinion, five strain 20% is a miracle CBD product from a fantastic company. When they say they make this oil with love – You can tell by the service they provide. My purchase is always shipped quickly and it always puts a smile on my face because I know this is the best thing I can be doing for my health issues.


  16. Mike Collins

    I’m using this oil for my back and neck pain. It works. I’m able to get out of bed without being in lots of pain and am more flexible. I get a very deep nights sleep and feel good throughout the day.


  17. Chelsea McMahon

    Quality is of great importance to me. I’m not a snob, but I am accustomed to nice things – Cars, Clothes, Shoes, you name it. So why wouldn’t I use the best CBD oil on the market? Supreme is made with FIVE Strains. No one else does that. You can taste the difference in the oil as soon as it hits your mouth. My hubby calls it my Liquid Gold 😉



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