1. Osvald

    Wow, my head gets so creative when I use this. Felt I went like a duracell rabbit after I took 3 drops. Almost a little fun that I know I have the energy in me! Thank you Mels for a great product! 


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Full spectrum 15% CBG + CBC + CBD oil with organic MCT and peppermint made from organically grown hemp in Europe, CO2 – extracted.

1 drop contains 4.5mg CBG, 0.5mg CBC and 2.5mg CBD.

  1. Osvald

    Wow, my head gets so creative when I use this. Felt I went like a duracell rabbit after I took 3 drops. Almost a little fun that I know I have the energy in me! Thank you Mels for a great product! 

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The World’s First multiple strain neuro-protective CBG+CBC+CBD oil

Need help to reduce your anxiety and stress?
Need to stay sharp and focused?
Is your memory not what it once was?

Let MELS FOUR STRAIN help maintain and improve your brain function and regenerate your concentration and memory.

Mels FOUR STRAIN has been developed from FOUR carefully selected and unique strains of cannabis plants. It delivers high levels of CBG, CBC and CBD and quadruple the amount of medicinal substances that work together seamlessly to help protect and boost your neuro health.

Organic, free of GMO, pesticides and toxic chemicals.
Third-party lab tested for purity, potency and effect.
CO2 extracted, preserving all the properties.


CBG 900mg (9%), CBC 100mg (1%), CBD 500mg (5%) full spectrum cannabinoids

Organic hemp extract 4g

MCT 6g

THC < 0.2% (trace elements)

Peppermint flavor

Click to download third party lab results


Mels FOUR STRAIN 15% CBG/CBC/CBD oil has been scientifically created from 4 different species of cannabis plants, to produce a highly potent, effective and pure CBG, CBC and CBD oil for men, women, teens and adults. The cannabis plants each have their own unique properties to give our oils a synergistic and multidimensional effect (Entourage Effect *).

Customers report that it has helped them reduce their anxiety and stress, stay more focused, that their minds feel sharper and their brain energized.

Mels FOUR STRAIN is an Organic RAW oil. It is extracted using super critical carbon dioxide extraction (CO2), mixed with MCT oil for better absorption and contains natural waxes, terpenes and flavonoids. Finally, peppermint extract is added, as CBG in particular has a very strong taste.

The extract does not undergo any dewaxing or heating process and as well as CBD and CBDa, it has an exceptionally high level of CBG and CBC. The natural CO2 extraction process removes most of the chlorophyll, resulting in an amber colour, thick oil and and natural aftertaste of hemp.

It is produced from crops harvested in accordance with traditional herbalist practices on a certified organic farm and has been scientifically developed with our research chemist and farmers to deliver a powerful, effective oil to help improve your health, your energy, and help you cope with the physical stress of everyday life.

Mels CBD Oils are derived from only the best quality flowers harvested from up to five different strains of the Cannabis plant. Each strain has been carefully developed by our talented cultivators for its own unique properties. Farmed outdoors, in natural light, our plants are grown and nurtured sustainably without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers at our secluded farm nestling in the beautiful French countryside. It is a principle of our fundamental philosophy to protect the environment and not add anything other than the natural power that lies in the plant itself.

We monitor the quality of the products with the help of the High Performance Liquid Chromatography, the HPLC method. We analyse the presence of cannabinoids, heavy metals, pesticides and aflatoxin.

Our lovingly tended crop of fully mature plants is harvested only once a year to permit the entire depth and complexity of beneficial medicinal compounds to develop completely. We employ the same ancient principles used by traditional herbalists down through the centuries and pick our plants for the three days immediately before and during a full moon. This way, we capture the maximum array of the life-enhancing elements of this amazing plant.

We are committed to the concept of continuous improvement and we constantly review and upgrade our processes, practices and plant selection to ensure that nothing but the finest organic, sustainably-produced CBD oil leaves our premises.

Our plants spend longer in the sun, our oils take longer to produce and the fruits of our labour spend many more hours in research & development than would be required to produce a range of standard-grade CBD oil.

Mels CBD Oils cannot be rushed, are never standard-grade and are well worth every ounce of extra effort, They are never standard-grade and are well worth every ounce of extra effort, love and attention we lavish upon them.

Other information

Organic, free of GMO, pesticides and toxic chemicals.
Third-party lab tested for purity, potency and effect.
CO2 extracted, preserving all the properties.

Characteristics: Dark color with a natural taste of hemp, with added peppermint.

Enjoyed by vegans.

Storage: Below 25 degrees Celsius. Avoid direct sunlight.

Usage: Please, go to the How to take our oils page to watch the instruction videos.


CBD cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. To maintain proper health, you should follow a varied diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Do not use in children under 12 years of age, in pregnant women and nursing mothers. CBD should not be used simultaneously with antidepressants [SSRIs, SNRIs, MAO inhibitors], antiviral drugs in the case of HIV/AIDS infection or used as part of therapy after organ transplantation.

24 reviews for FOUR STRAIN CBG-CBC-CBD OIL 15%

  1. Osvald

    Wow, my head gets so creative when I use this. Felt I went like a duracell rabbit after I took 3 drops. Almost a little fun that I know I have the energy in me! Thank you Mels for a great product! 

  2. Dembe

    I started with a drop of Four strain CBG to see what effect I would get. I use two strain morning and evening. After 8 days I noticed an enormous energy in the morning. I had replaced four strain with two strain oil. I felt like I was rushing to work, a couple of times I had so much energy that I completely forgot to scroll on social media! This oil works like gold for me who has a busy job in front of screen 8-16.

  3. Agata

    After trying various cbd oils, it seems that I have found a cbd / cbg oil that helps against my issues. I have diagnoses that are essential tremor and paraxysmal hemicrania (a form of severe headache). When I do not use cbd I do not get to use my hands for fine motor skills due. Tremors, when I take 3 drops of the neuro oil under the tongue so after 5-10 minutes mine may be almost completely calm. It feels like magic because no other medicine is nearby and have the same effect, I notice no side effects of the oil. The effect on my headache can best be said to be that I have not had any seizures since I started using this oil. I have tested almost all medicines in the common catalog against my diagnoses, but due to side effects I have not been able to use them in the long run. I have now used the oil for 3-4 weeks and also notice I get a peace of mind. I take the oil about every 5 hours, when I notice the effect is on its way out. So I would warmly recommend this oil to others who have the same diagnoses as me. Cbd has really given me life back, because without cbd I was trapped in a dark room so as not to get a severe headache. I can also with cbd oil get almost any job I want now that my hands are not shaking uncontrollably.

  4. Harrold

    I was very surprised by how quickly Mels started working when I used it the first time. Then I thought, ‘this must be all in my mind’. Fast forward to 3 weeks later and it’s still working just like it did day one. Fast & Effective. Worth the price.


  5. Smith

    Anxiety has been the bane of my existence lately. I don’t want to get on prescription anxiety meds. You have to ween yourself off of those and I don’t want all of those poisonous chemicals in my body. Mels CBG is the way to go. I’m Vegan, I’m athletic and I don’t want to be a slave to pharmaceutical drugs.

  6. Adrian

    My dad uses it for pain relief. He’s had multiple back surgeries so any relief is good relief. Because his condition is so severe, it doesn’t totally eliminate his pain but it dissipates if enough so that he can tolerate it and be able to have some form of normalcy in his life. Dad has stocked up for the next 6 months. It’s only going to keep getting better.

  7. Skylar

    I work hard to take care of my family. I am on my feet all day. I’ve developed arthritis in my right hip and knee which is extremely painful. I don’t want to rely on prescription poison to deal with this so I searchd out a natural effective remedy. Mels CBG has changed my life in less than a week. I couldn’t be happier.

  8. Nova Lee

    If you want to sleep like a baby, this is the one for you. The quality of my sleep has never been so recharging.

  9. Yamilina

    CBG is the best thing I’ve tried for stress and to unwind and be able to get a restful sleep after a grueling day.

  10. Wilemena

    My days are so hectic. I find CBG to be totally relaxing. A few drops daily and I am able to experience the relaxation I need to be productive at work and with family.

  11. Markus

    Mels makes my headaches go away in about 15 minutes. 5 drops under my tongue for 15 seconds and BAM! It knocks out the pain. Great product.

  12. Robbie

    My partner and I appreciate everything about Mels CBG. From being organic and all natural to being effective at relieving various aches and pains to helping us both get better quality sleep.

  13. Krista

    I am very athletic and CBG is a natural pain reliever. Mels helps with my spasms, pains and soreness. This is the the only one that has helped me.

  14. Ila

    It helps with the sleeping issues and pain I’ve been enduring for way too long. The taste is not bad, considering how it’s rich with cannabinoids.

  15. Elie

    I shop for quality. I love that this product is 100% natural and pure. No pesticides, no added preservatives and it actually works fantastic.

  16. Babs

    My level of anxiety has shot up lately. I hate taking prescription medication, I don’t feel like me when I’ve taken it in the past. I purchased Mels because my pilates instructor recommended it. It worked like magic.

  17. Paige

    I get very severe arthritis in my wrist and have had issues with carpel tunnel. I love this product. It works for me and gives me the relief I need to function properly at my job. I productive at work again. I always buy 2 bottles because I never want to run out.

  18. Rasmus

    The quality of sleep I’m getting since I started using this oil is just what my body and mind have been needing. I am pleased and quite surprised how effective this CBG is.

  19. Shelly

    I have loads of inflammation stemming from spasms in my back and neck. I’ve had so many accidents. Mels is far superior to the others I’ve tried. Finally some relief.

  20. Largartha

    My mother-in-law suffers from nerve pain. It’s quite severe. She read about CBG and thought she would give it a go. She tried several different oils. Once using Mels, her never pain was almost immediagtely relieved. Nos she’s able to be a more active grandmother to our kids. Thanks Mels you’ve changed our lives.

  21. Jony

    Four strain helps with anxiety and focus. It’s made a huge change in my life.

  22. Smith, University student

    University is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Using Four strain daily has been a game changer. Now, I can absorb the lectures from professors. I’m better at analyzing the assignments. Overall, I’m more productive.

  23. Keisha

    Since the menopause, I noticed its been challenging to concentrate. I seem to be all over the place with my thoughts. I’ve been taking Four strain for about a month. I feel like the old me again. Brain-fog is no longer a problem. It’s transformed my life.

  24. Harold

    MELS Four strain has changed my life. I am able to focus again. In meetings, I’m sharp again. My boss even mentioned the change in me.

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